Meet The Family


Boro Didi (Founder)

"When I was growing up, my mum would always make incredible food, but as a child you never fully appreciate the great cooking you have at home. So the food I most looked forward to as a young girl was often snacks and desserts from my favourite parts of the city. Golpark was just down the road from my house on Gariahat Road and is still full of awesome snack vendors and food stalls. The variety of food was staggering – anything a young child could possibly want. Some of my fondest childhood memories are making my way home from school and picking up a snack from Golpark. On Saturdays, when I had dance classes instead of school, I used to love skipping lunch at home (sorry Mum!!), and heading over to New Market for an egg roll from Badshah or Bedouin. When it came to putting street food on the menu, having egg rolls was a no-brainer; they’re a real staple of Bengali street food. We Bengalis can’t have a fridge without sweets in it at all times of the day. My mum and grandad (even though he had diabetes!) always made sure that there were sweets from Chittaranjan Avenue at home. My mum especially always made the effort to trek all the way there to get our favourites. Even though we can’t actually bring Chittaranjan Avenue to London, we’ll do our best to make a Bengali home in Fitzrovia, sweets and all!"


Chief Food Officer (Shrim's Mum)


Creative Director


Boro Dada (Chef Patron)