Food & Drink

Like in any Bengali home, the kitchen is the beating heart of the restaurant.

We’ve gone to great lengths to source the finest, seasonal British ingredients and imported Indian spices. Inspired by her mum’s cooking and by the amazing local cuisine, Shrim has created a totally authentic menu of dishes that she grew up eating both at home and when out in the city. The concise but varied menu showcases these dishes alongside some street-food staples that often kick off dinner parties, grabbed from roadside stands and grazed on before guests sit down for the main event. Calcutta is famous throughout India for its desserts and sweets, for Bengalis have some of the sweetest teeth in the country. If not made at home, Chittaranjan Avenue is where it’s at for getting the best the city has to offer. It’s this street that has inspired the desserts at Calcutta Street.
A large part of the Calcutta Street menu is inspired by my mum’s cooking, but a HUGE part of the inspiration is the city itself. Calcutta is a vibrant city which is so rich in culture and history, but when I was growing up, the thing I really appreciated (and still do) was the food.

- Shrim